Photos from Fall 2011 Women’s Retreat

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4 Responses to Photos from Fall 2011 Women’s Retreat

  1. emily hillquist davis says:

    Thanks for sharing for sharing your pictures. Know that for every one of you who actually attended, there were more who longed to join in the experience. Sounds like a glorious time together.

    I’m especially amazed at the bald eagle.

  2. Pamela Evans says:

    I did not know anyone attending except for Rev. Susie Skinner who led the retreat – which was enough reason to enthusiastically sign up! I now have 13 more friends on my spiritual journey! New Harmony was fabulous, the weather cooperated and we enjoyed soaking in the beauty and contemplating prayer in every part of the day. Nature abounds in New Harmony and I had just one word at the end of the weekend – JOYFUL! Thank you Susie and thank you “spiritual” friends. We laughed, we cried, we ate wonderful food – brought home a World Series win to St. Louis and the weekend could not have been more perfect in any way. In Gratitude to all of you 🙂 and to God.

  3. scskinner says:

    Beautiful pictures, Ruby and Pam!

  4. Sharon LaRue says:

    The simplest prayer is thank you…. and that is indeed my prayer after spending a wonderful weekend of refreshment, renewal and centering with 13 women who became sisters over our 36 hours together. Thank you to Susie for her gentle guidance and to all who participated.