New Year’s Eve Taize Worship

This quiet, contemplative service of prayer, scripture, silence and chant invites us to enter the depths of our inner self where we may be still and know that God is God.

Join us at Christ Church Cathedral on New Year’s Eve!  5:30 pm, Monday, December 31, 2018, 1210 Locust St., St. Louis

About Taize Worship

Taize worship originated in the hills of Burgundy in 1940 when Brother Roger, a Lutheran monk, sought a place for prayer and reconciliation amid the turmoil of World War II. Together Brother Roger and two other religious formed a Community of prayer which continues today.

Prayer at Taize, France

Today the Community of Taize numbers more than 100 brothers, both Catholic and Protestant. The brothers come from over twenty-five countries and see their life together as a “parable of community” that strives to bring reconciliation between separated divided people Christian and non-Christian. Young people from around the globe have been particularly attracted to Taize and its ministry prayer and reconciliation. Since the late fifty’s, tens of thousands of young adults have come to Taize for a week of prayer, study and worship.

A hallmark of the Taize Community is its unique worship service centered on simple, meditative chants. These chants along with scripture readings, intercessions and periods of deep silence comprise the simple worship service.