Board of Directors

Jerry Cooper, President

Emily Hillquist Davis, Vicar of St. Thomas, leads Sunday services in Sign Language and soulful, light-hearted Saturday evening worship at St. Martin’s, Ellisville. Travel, linguistic and kinetic adventures, and doctoral work on medieval visionaries drew her into the joyful flow of mystical incarnational spirituality that she lives to share.

Ruby S. Downs is a retired public school history teacher who is now self-employed as a real estate photographer. A graduate of the Education for Ministry program of The University of the South, Sewanee, she is excited about helping create opportunities where people can experience the presence of God in their lives

Sabine McDowell

Paul Metzler

Susan Skinner is an Episcopal priest, an educator, a spiritual counselor and an experienced retreat leader. Confluence grew out of her desire to provide opportunities for joining in the journey with those who are seeking a deeper relationship with God. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International.